The Honest Talk

Hazel McCallion

Episode Summary

“If you want to be a success, you’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to give the time that is required to be a success.” She was one of the longest-serving mayors in Canadian history, and under her leadership Mississauga grew to be the 6th largest city in Canada. Though she is retired from politics, Hazel McCallion is still living up to her nickname of Hurricane Hazel at the age of 101. Hazel is a Canadian legend, sought out by prime ministers and premiers and inspiring thousands. She joins us on The Honest Talk to discuss her childhood where she witnessed the Great Depression, her secret to political success, her thoughts on politics today, and why she has always worked to prove herself at the local level. Hazel also talks about how she would like to be remembered and gives some valuable advice to young women about speaking their minds.