The Honest Talk

Heather Scoffield

Episode Summary

Heather Scoffield is the Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star and an award-winning journalist. Previously, she spent almost a decade with the Canadian Press as their Ottawa Bureau Chief and also worked for the Globe and Mail. Heather has spent her career covering economics, public policy, and national politics and has been at the forefront of many of Canada’s historic moments. She has also been named as one of Ottawa’s 100 most influential people. In this episode of The Honest Talk, Jen and Catherine speak with Heather Scoffield about how journalism has changed for women over the years and the importance of having diverse representation in the news industry. Heather also talks about what made her become a journalist and issues that she thinks are critical in the current context. Finally, she dives into issues that she is passionate about and provides insight on how she managed to have a successful career while raising two kids.