The Honest Talk

Jacie deHoop

Episode Summary

A sports website for women-identifying fans? Now, that is a home run! Just ask Jacie deHoop, co-founder of The GIST, a thriving sports media company and the go-to source for sports coverage and conversations for women. Launched across North America in 2019 by three college friends — Jacie deHoop, Ellen Hyslop and Roslyn McLarty — The GIST is all about changing the game in the male-dominated sports industry, where fewer than 14% of journalists are women and less than 4% of coverage is on female athletes. On this episode of The Honest Talk, Jacie joins Jennifer Stewart and Catherine Clark to talk about launching The GIST and creating content for women-identifying sports fans. She also breaks down the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that have grown The GIST from a weekly newsletter to a multi-platform powerhouse in just three years.